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The Tri-Mor approach is unique in our industry; our team will help your brand reach new heights through what we call the REV factor:

Reputation: The Tri-Mor reputation is the product of over forty-years of delivering healthy return on investment to both manufacturers and their channel partners in the Canadian marketplace. What does the Tri-Mor Sales reputation mean to you? It means greater access to key decision makers, a higher level of trust among buyers and ultimately, more favorable results.
Experience: The collective experience of the Tri-Mor team gives us core competencies in each of the sectors in which we operate. Our Account Managers, Territory Representatives and service staff have worked on the front lines, in the hardware, house wares, sporting goods and packaged good retail environments. Their innate knowledge and contacts give the Tri-Mor team a significant advantage when selling your product. Our experience also means highly refined systems and practices, a skilled management team and a committed workforce with low turnover.
Values: At Tri-Mor, we don't just pay lip service to our values, we live by them. Our corporate culture is one of teamwork, openness and friendly competition that support our core values, which are as follows:
Integrity: We speak honestly about our products and follow through on our commitments.
Innovation: We strive to deliver creative solutions by approaching an opportunity from multiple perspectives.
Passion: We are truly excited and enthusiastic to be a part of this industry; we are enthusiasts of the brands we represent, committed to achieving results 24x7x365.
Professionalism: We adhere to higher standards in our behavior, personal presentation and ultimately in the results that we deliver to you.
We practice these values each and every day through our interactions with customers, vendors and other stakeholders. To learn more about how the Tri-Mor "REV" factor will drive sales for your organization, contact our President:

John Pickersgill
Phone: +1.604.276.9559

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