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Jack Pickersgill founded Tri-Mor Sales in 1961 with a vision for doing something radically different in the manufacturer's agent category. Jack saw a fragmented industry, populated by one-person operations with little in the way of discipline or systematic approach to the selling process. Jack witnessed poor service to the retail customer and inadequate communication to the manufacturer. He identified missed opportunities for both parties to gain incremental revenues. Jack saw a focus on the transaction, and not the relationship.

With his extensive knowledge of the retail environment, Jack's solution was to act as a consultant to the buyer, providing him or her with ideas and best-practices for the entire category, not just his own product assortment. He viewed his relationships with buyers as collaborative, not competitive. Although things started out small, his initial investments in time and effort came to bear over the long-term. Jack earned new listings and new accounts. Word of a young go-getter with a new approach rippled across the industry, and from one small line with a limited territory, Tri-Mor Sales blossomed in to a multi-line, diversified manufacturer's agent.
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